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Welcome to Dox Music Services (incorporating Doxmedia Aggregation). If you are a songwriter, performer or creative we are here to offer expert advice and help you thrive and survive in today's music industry. With over 20 years experience of working in all aspects of the creation, copyrighting and distribution of music we can support you in many areas, from an original idea to the finished project and beyond.
Welcome to Doxmedia Aggregation. We are your easy 'one-stop' gateway to the digital music world for your music. We are here to help artists and record labels make your music available on every major online digital music store and streaming site WORLDWIDE. So if you want your music to be readily available everywhere, from iTunes through to Spotify, and everyone inbetween across the globe, then you need to talk to us.
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Calling dedicated artists/bands. Are you one of the five?

UK music industry organisation “The Unsigned Guide” have announced that they have teamed up with “Rocket Fuel” who work with artists and bands to engage their fan bases to raise funds for releases, tours, video and other related projects. (We also know Sheffield-based “Rocket Fuel” well and are aware of[…]


The importance of networking

Whatever job, profession or vocation you choose to follow, there is always one thing that is mentioned as important – Networking. Proper networking means making connections and not just contacts. It also takes some time and effort! We came across this article that we thought offered some good sensible advice[…]


Jessie J – Song writing paid my rent

Most people will know of Jessie J from her music, with several hugely successful top 10 singles and a couple of hit albums here in the UK but in recent interviews she has stated that song writing has been the area that has provided her will the most financial security.[…]

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2014 UK sales dominated by British acts

According to 2014 sales figures compiled by the Official Chars Company and released by BPI (British Phonographic Industry), British acts have filled the top 10 best-selling artist albums of the year  for the first time. Following 2013, where no album sold 1 million copies, Ed Sheeran’s album X was the most popular album[…]

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PPL publishes Christmas chart

With Christmas fast approaching, PPL has released its annual 20 most played Christmas songs on TV, radio, (some) online use and also songs (recorded music) played in bars, shops, restaurants, offices etc in the UK. There’s a new song in the top 3 this year! The report also states that[…]

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Ed Sheeran tops Spotify streams

UK singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran has been announced as Spotify’s most streamed artists with his songs registering over 860 million streams. He  beat Eminem and Coldplay into second and third place respectively. His latest album X has notched up 430 million streams. The album has just passed the 1 million mark[…]

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Insights into an independent tour

Here’s an interesting article posted by US independent band POMPLAMOOSE about the costs and realities of putting together their 28 day Autumn tour in which they played 24 dates in 23 cities. It’s useful to read, whatever country you are based in, as it gives insights into ALL areas and aspects of a[…]

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BASCA moves offices

BASCA, (The British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors) moved into their new offices on Friday 7th November. Their new address is: 2 Pancras Square, Kings Cross, London, N1C 4AG Said BASCA in their press release of 6th November: ” Our IT systems and files are being transferred from Berners[…]

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Help with recent UK copyright law changes

Anyone following recent UK news will have heard/seen reports about changes to copyright law with regards to using music in/for ‘caricature, parody or pastiche’. These changes were usually highlighted in these reports with regards to the use of music on YouTube videos etc. The recent changes were actually wider than[…]


Some good advice on networking

One thing that’s also mentioned as being important for writers / artists / performers when looking to build up your profile or gig opportunities within the music business is NETWORKING. We’ve seen many a book, blog or article devoted to the subject, but here’s a recent article we’ve come across that[…]