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Welcome to Dox Music Services (incorporating Doxmedia Aggregation). If you are a songwriter, performer or creative we are here to offer expert advice and help you thrive and survive in today's music industry. With over 20 years experience of working in all aspects of the creation, copyrighting and distribution of music we can support you in many areas, from an original idea to the finished project and beyond.
Welcome to Doxmedia Aggregation. We are your easy 'one-stop' gateway to the digital music world for your music. We are here to help artists and record labels make your music available on every major online digital music store and streaming site WORLDWIDE. So if you want your music to be readily available everywhere, from iTunes through to Spotify, and everyone inbetween across the globe, then you need to talk to us.
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A selection of some of the recent additions to our ever growing collection of releases aggregated by Doxmedia to ALL major music download and streaming sites WORLDWIDE on behalf of our clients. Please click on a album to view more details.
  1. Ilene Barnes Live at fip cover 72dpi

    Ilene Barnes – Live at FIP

    Release date: 09-Feb-2007

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  2. PCDN173 Bklt P. 8 & 1

    Echo – Soul Proprietor

    Release date: 18-Aug-2017

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  3. PCDN 172 cover art

    Nine Beats Collective – Nine Beats to the Bar

    Release date: 16-Jun-2017

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  4. WFRROH01 cover

    Roisin O’Hagan – Blue & Grey

    Release date: 10-Feb-2017

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  5. cdssdp701-cover

    Steven Sproat – Watersmeet

    Release date: 14-Oct-2016

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  6. PCDN 171 cover

    Matt JR Hurley – Raising Questions

    Release date: 24-Jun-2016

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  7. CCCD0516 cover

    Clive Carroll – The Furthest Tree

    Release date: 23-May-2016

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  8. GA2016 cover

    Guardian Angels The Musical – Original cast studio recording

    Release date: 17-Jun-2016

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  9. TJM104 cover

    Tony Johnson – Grace

    Release date: 22-Apr-2016

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  10. GOS221 cover

    Gods of Steam – Illuminate My Mind

    Release date: 20-Mar-2016

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  11. ConseptD6ixS cover Doxmedia website

    ConseptD6ixS – All That I Stand For

    Release date: 19-Feb-2016

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  12. JTT002 cover

    Jake Thomas Turnbull – One More Day

    Release date: 12-Feb-2016

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  13. PCDN170 cover72dpi

    The Darn Funk Orchestra – Soul Food

    Release date: 29-Jan-2016

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  14. digipak4Panel-DW5.pdf

    T W Oliver – World Without End

    Release date: 08-Apr-2013

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  15. CLS03 cover

    Carol Lee Sampson – The Key

    Release date: 01-Jun-2015

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  16. RTLP0105

    Patrick Hawes – Blue In Blue

    Release date: 20-Apr-2015

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